Newswire: Justin Lin developing Cinemax series based on project written by Bruce Lee

We all know that Bruce Lee was an awesome dude, but apparently he was so awesome that he’s still doing stuff 42 years after his death. That’s hardcore dedication. Alright, so the thing Bruce Lee is doing was actually done before he died, and it has just taken this long for the world to realize that it can make money off of it, but still. It’s not like anyone else out there is coming up with TV show ideas that don’t get picked up for four decades.

According to Deadline, Lee “spent many years” working on a “passion project” that tells the story of a “gifted but morally corrupt fighter” whose “lifelong quest for vengeance is undermined.” At some point after his death, his daughter discovered his notes on the project, and she has now handed them off to Cinemax and Fast & Furious director Justin …

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