Newswire: Justin Bieber to cameo in Zoolander 2, make you say, ‘Hey, it’s Justin Bieber”

Penitent pop tyrant Justin Bieber will continue his public demonstration of what a good sport he’s become about everyone trying to throw him in jail, once more offering himself up to be the butt of the carefully controlled, mutually beneficial joke. Bieber and Ben Stiller have both revealed that Zoolander 2 will feature a Bieber cameo, so that future generations may see the sequel and say, “Yep, that was a movie made in 2015.” Like his recent Comedy Central Roast, it’s likely that the film will mercilessly skewer Bieber by alluding to the fact that he’s famous and good-looking. But Bieber will just roll with the punches.

Bieber made his announcement on Facebook, quoting a line from the original Zoolander to show that he “gets it.” He also encouraged everyone to follow him on something called Fahlo. The whole thing is exhausting.

Stiller chose to make his …

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