Newswire: Julia Louis-Dreyfus is remaking Force Majeure, so maybe you’ll see it now

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is in talks to star in a remake of the 2014 black comedy Force Majeure, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The premise of the Swedish original, in which a man ditches his family to save himself from an avalanche and refuses to own up to it when disaster is averted, could easily make for a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode (JEFF: “You’re an avalanche abandoner? Big bowl of wrong, Larry. Big bowl of wrong.” SUSIE: “Sammi was sitting right next to you, you bald fuck!”), so sure, why not? It’s unclear from the report whether the Veep star and veteran of Curb and Seinfeld would play the wife or a gender-swapped lead.

Louis-Dreyfus is the first name attached to the remake and would also serve as a producer, according to THR; no director or writers have been found yet. The original film, written and directed by Ruben …

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