Newswire: Judy Greer to star in comedy pilot where she actually gets to do something

The stars having finally aligned, Deadline is reporting that Judy Greer has somehow accepted a starring role in a sitcom where she won’t playing a long-suffering mom or a friend of the female lead. Instead, Greer—whose only previous outlets for non-mom-com has been the crazy stuff she gets to say on Archer, and inviting people to say goodbye to these—will be starring in a new workplace comedy from Red Oaks writer Laura Steinel.

Unofficially titled HR, the series will star Greer as the best friend of a more conventionally attractive movie star—wait, no, that’s just our Judy Greer Newswire boilerplate. Sorry, she’ll be starring as the underappreciated head of human resources for a New Jersey plastic factory, forced to contend with both her ambitious boss and a crew of “charmingly incompetent” employees. The pilot is being directed by The League co-creator Jeff Schaffer, who …

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