Newswire: Joss Whedon thinks a new Jurassic World clip is “70s-era sexist”

The trope of the uptight career woman whose dedication to her work results in things like immaculately tailored pantsuits, chilly-looking loft apartments, and emotional walls that only the right man can tear down is a popular one. Most times, this serves as a substitute for actual character development as our heroine, smitten with our hero’s skill in fighting aliens or Nazis or whatever, learns to loosen up a little bit—and maybe even to love, who knows? Other times, she turns out to be evil. This reassures audiences that even so-called “liberated women” really, deep down, just want to be swept off their feet by a man, preferably a khaki-clad, wisecracking one. Or they’re evil. Either way, it’s boring, and arguably pretty sexist.

But it’s easy, and even contemporary blockbusters like Jurassic World aren’t immune to this trope’s severe charms. (Don’t worry, it …

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