Newswire: Josh Trank is no longer directing one of those Star Wars spinoffs

Only a few weeks after the joyous parade of positivity that was Star Wars Celebration, we might finally be seeing the first crack in the badass chrome armor of Disney’s new Star Wars movies. Over the weekend, while everyone was distracted by the latest superhero smash-up, Disney quietly announced that Chronicle director Josh Trank has stepped down as the director of whatever the second Star Wars spinoff movie was going to be. Oh, and by “stepped down,” we mean, “Disney may have fired him.”

Let’s back up: Lucasfilm and Disney announced that Trank had been hired back in June of last year, with Trank sitting as a pretty hot commodity in Hollywood after directing Chronicle, the critically acclaimed found-footage superhero movie. He was also working on Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot with producer Simon Kinberg, who happens to be producing the second Star Wars spinoff. According to The …

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