Newswire: Jordan Peele’s horror movie is officially happening

Last October, we reported that Jordan Peele was working on a “straight horror” movie about “the fears of being a black man today” that was tentatively titled Get Out. We haven’t heard much movement on it since then, but now that Peele has some more time on his hands, Deadline says that Get Out is really happening. Peele will write and direct the film, which we now know is about “a young African-American man who visits his Caucasian girlfriend’s family estate.”

We imagine there’s some scary stuff happening at this estate, and not just because it’s an estate owned by some white people—though that doesn’t usually bode well for anyone. Peele says that the movie “takes on the task of exploring race in America,” which he notes hasn’t really been done in a horror movie since Night Of The Living Dead. He also …

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