Newswire: Jon Stewart stands up for vets, takes Trump down another peg

It’s now been more than a year since Jon Stewart left his Daily Show post, but he’s been far from pulpit-less during what’s easily the most baffling presidential race ever. Stewart’s reunited with Stephen Colbert on multiple occasions to deride and despair of the proceedings, and also turned some philanthropic appearances into opportunities to remind the American public that a significant portion of its population is considering electing someone who’s gleefully admitted to groping women without their consent to the highest office in the land. We’re referring to Donald Trump, of course, who was locked in a Twitter war with Stewart long before he had a private email server on which to hang his racist hat.

Stewart recalled their 2013 dispute—which began with Trump “harmlessly” wondering why the comedian doesn’t go by Leibowitz—while at a Stand Up For Heroes fundraiser on …

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