Newswire: Jon Stewart has been quietly running a jobs program for veterans since 2013

Some give to charity “anonymously,” secretly hoping that someone will “discover” their generosity and spread it around the internet—they wouldn’t do it themselves, of course, because that kind of thing would be gauche. Others really aren’t in it for the accolades, and labor away quietly for years on causes that the public might not be aware of at all.

That’s the case with outgoing Daily Show host Jon Stewart, who, according to a recent article in The New York Times, has been running a program to help veterans break into the entertainment industry for the past two years. Stewart has done very little to publicize the program up to this point, but, now that he is vacating his anchor’s chair and giving it to new host Trevor Noah, he’s decided to take it public in an attempt to encourage/shame other shows into doing …

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