Newswire: Jon Stewart did a surprise stand-up set at the Comedy Cellar last night

With Jon Stewart’s final Daily Show episode just a week away, attention has shifted from who will stop by the finale to tell him to fuck off to what his plans are for “retirement.” If last night’s impromptu drop-in at New York City’s famed Comedy Cellar—which The A.V. Club was lucky enough to attend—is any indication, they might include a return to his standup origins.

As patrons are commanded to turn off their phones on the way in, taking pictures of the brief 10-minute set would have been a great way to get kicked out and subsequently hate yourself for missing a rare treat. However, former Daily Show executive producer Rory Albanese was on hand to document Stewart’s return to the mic:

Following Louis C.K.—who also dropped by unannounced—Stewart started by acknowledging how lucky the small crowd was to see …

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