Newswire: Jon Bon Jovi is making a reality show where rock stars try to live like normal people

Not being a celebrity sure is weird, right? Nobody follows us around, telling us what to do with our millions of dollars, guiding us into the secret backdoors of expensive restaurants and stores, and keeping the disgusting normal people from putting their chocolate-covered hands all over us. Surely, the only thing more interesting than not being a celebrity would be if someone who is celebrity were plucked from their golden tower and dropped into the mud to live like one of us animals. If someone did that and filmed the whole thing, it would probably be the most captivating and relatable reality show of all time.

That’s what certified famous person Jon Bon Jovi is hoping, at least, since he’s the one actually making a show like that. According to Variety, the series will be titled If I Wasn’t A Rock Star and it will be about …

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