Newswire: Johnny Depp’s band teams up with Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl for its first album

The last time we heard from Hollywood Vampires, the rock band started by Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, the group was just a wonderful, beautiful dream created by a famous actor who hates it when famous actors are in bands (a fact that we keep bringing up only because it’s really funny). Back then, the band hadn’t recorded an album, or played any shows, or really done any of the things you’d expect a band to do, but that stuff is all secondary to coming up with a cool name and promoting yourself anyway.

Now, though, Hollywood Vampires is back with an actual album and a ton of famous guest stars who are grossly overqualified to be working with a group that is still “Johnny Depp’s band.” As reported by Rolling Stone, the self-titled album features appearances from Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl …

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