Newswire: John Waters is hosting his own summer camp for weirdos

John Waters has spent decades offering an inclusively trashy and joy-filled take on the world, one that’s resonated with audiences from Pink Flamingos all the way up to his recent run of delightful one-man shows. Now, Waters has revealed that there’ll soon be a place for his fans to mainline an entire weekend of his garbage-loving worldview, courtesy of Camp John Waters. (Not to be confused with John Waters camp, which is most of the things John Waters does.)

Set for this September, the three-day event offers the usual slate of camping activities, like canoeing, smores, and hiking. But they’re also be a ton of distinctively Waters-ian activities, like a costume contest judged by the man himself, book readings, Bloody Mary Bingo, and the comforting sense that you’re surrounded by 300 people who can recite entire Divine monologues by heart. Tickets for the camp—which is …

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