Newswire: John Oliver takes deep breath, explains why the Paris agreement helps us breathe on Last Week Tonight

Sometimes these days, you have to take a deep breath.

That’s the tack John Oliver appeared to be taking on last night’s Last Week Tonight, as he broke down not only the potentially disastrous worldwide consequences of Donald Trump’s unilateral decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate agreement, but also the astounding (even for Trump) mountain of bullshit he used to justify that decision. Of course, with Trump, it’s always a game of spin the “deliberately lying/doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about” wheel, but Oliver, prefacing each of his story beats with a cleansing, prefatory “Okay…,” did his usual, acidly assiduous job of sifting through the appalling ludicrousness a Donald Trump presidency pays out every week.

Apart from the inescapable science behind man-made climate change (Hey, have you heard about the so-called “carbon budget?” It’s terrifying …

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