Newswire: John Oliver on the Paris attackers: “Fuck these assholes”

As we reported over the weekend, there have been ongoing messages of support from the media and others forced to cancel appearances in the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris (and Beirut, and Baghdad) that left more than a hundred people dead and many more injured. Most of these responses have been appropriately somber and measured, consisting largely of expressions of sympathy and solidarity with the victims of these assaults. And so, after several days of this, John Oliver has decided that the array of thoughtful and elegiac responses could do with a different sort of expression accompanying them, one that being on HBO affords him. And so, providing a “moment of premium cable profanity,” Oliver offers a view that, despite likely being shared by the overwhelming majority of people on this planet, has thus far not been said in a mainstream media outlet:

As of now, we know this …

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