Newswire: John Oliver digs deep into the Brexit bucket on Last Week Tonight

As a green card-holding man of two nations, John Oliver is uniquely positioned to chime in on the political absurdities currently holding sway (and office) on both sides of the Atlantic. On Sunday’s Last Week Tonight the host started off in America, with a suitably exasperated comic rundown of the week in all things Trump (you know, like former FBI director James Comey calling Trump a liar many, many times in an open senate hearing, and the “walking logical paradox” of Trump claiming to be vindicated by testimony he‘s also claiming was all lies), before devoting the remainder of the episode to British Prime Minister Theresa May’s recent crushing defeat in the snap election she herself called. Meant to shore up the British bargaining position going into the controversial “Brexit” from the European Union, May instead saw her conservative Tories losing major real estate and political capital …

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