Newswire: John Oliver debuts an offensive new anthem for the U.K.

While the United States has been coming to terms with having a Razzie Award winner as the Republican presidential frontrunner, Britain has also been mired in a fraught political situation. The country has been weighing a “Brexit,” which is a very British portmanteau for a possible British exit from the European Union. Some people, like the members of the U.K. Independence Party, think Britain’s presence in the E.U. has been disproportionately beneficial for Europe. This has led to the upcoming “in-out referendum,” which as John Oliver explains, isn’t just a British euphemism for sex.

UKIP and others believe British money is moving in a single direction, and that’s straight out of the pockets of Brits. They’re also chafing at the idea of having everything from their pillows and sleep patterns regulated by the E.U., though those notions are mostly just melodramatic extrapolations. Although …

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