Newswire: John Oliver begs parents to listen to science (rather than Rob Schneider) on vaccines

On the eve of the week where Republicans may well steal health care from millions of Americans and thus render his warning mostly moot, Last Week Tonight‘s John Oliver spent the better part of an extra-long episode examining the for-inexplicable-reasons controversial issue of vaccinations. As ever, Oliver did his level best to rein in his need to explode in entertainingly accented outrage at parents putting kids at risk with their baseless fears of “needles full of science juice.” (He noted that once all-but-eradicated diseases like measles are making a deadly comeback thanks to the anti-vaxxer crowd.) But the host’s real ire was aimed at those using their fame-amplified voices to hype up the scientifically beyond-shaky links between necessary preventative medicine and diseases like autism. (He also would like them to stop deliberately infecting their kids with germ-laden lollipops, which is apparently a thing.)

You know, people like Robert …

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