Newswire: John Oliver and Stephen Colbert compare notes, pronounce us “turbo-fucked”

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver’s appearance on last night’s Late Show With Stephen Colbert was a lot of things. It was a reunion of old Daily Show correspondents and current go-to political comedy stars, swapping war stories. (Russia is not friendly to such satirical wiseasses, as Colbert described the intimidating “extras from John Wick” who hung out in the hotel lobby during the recent trip that will form the backbone of next week’s Late Show “Russia week.”) It was a personal “hell” for Oliver, who could only respond with unwonted, lawyer-advised, poker-faced silence to pal Colbert prodding him for details about that whole ridiculous lawsuit thing going on. (And he didn’t even bring up Mr. Nutterbutter.) But mainly it was a meeting of the minds between two guys who do nothing professionally these days but mull over the exact dimensions and dangers of the black …

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