Newswire: Joey McIntyre to also play a fictionalized version of himself on TV

Joey McIntyre’s made a second career of playing versions of himself on TV: He was a member of a close-knit Irish working-class family in CBS’ The McCarthys, and as part of Rock This Boat: New Kids On The Block, he plays a middle-aged boy-band member a.k.a. himself. But McIntyre’s ready to stretch himself by playing, you guessed it, a fictionalized version of himself in a new half-hour comedy. Deadline reports McIntyre’s landed his own show at Pop, the network formerly known as the TV Guide Network, because makeovers aren’t just for ABC Family.

The Joey McIntyre Project (that’s a working title) will see McIntyre trying to “branch out from his New Kids On The Block fame and continue towards his goal of becoming a serious actor”. (A good way to start is with a show on the same network that runs the reality …

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