Newswire: Jimmy Kimmel’s war with the Let’s Play community may finally be over

After a bloody conflict that saw insults lobbed, terminal illnesses wished for, and YouTube’s down-thumb button bashed so relentlessly that it may never recover, the long-simmering war between late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and the vast group of video-game watchers known as the Let’s Play community may finally be coming to a close.

Kimmel attempted to bury the enchanted diamond pickaxe with the amorphous people mass during last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, airing a segment where he sat down to talk with popular gaming streamers Markiplier and MissesMae (a.k.a. Mark Fischbach and Jonna Mae). Besides watching MissesMae’s parents freaking out on an Occulus Rift roller coaster and showing off Kimmel’s complete lack of skills at car-soccer sensation Rocket League, the trio also discussed the various threats and insults that Kimmel has been enjoying ever since airing a segment last …

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