Newswire: Jimmy Kimmel says he’s not responsible for Dennis Quaid’s freakout

A few days ago, a video was uploaded to YouTube depicting Dennis Quaid on a film set lambasting the director and members of the crew. In his anger, Quaid deploys some wonderful insults, such as “Dopey The Dick,” “these fucking zombies over here,” and “this fucking baby”—all of whom contributed to what Quaid hails the “most unprofessional set I’ve ever been on.” Many found the rant too perfect—and too similar to Christian Bale’s tirade on the set of Terminator Salvation—and immediately blamed Jimmy Kimmel, because this kind of prank is right in the comedian’s wheelhouse.

Alas, Kimmel has denied any involvement in the incident. Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host said he was “disappointed” by everyone assuming this was his doing, adding, “You play 50 pranks and all of a sudden people don’t trust you anymore.” You can watch Kimmel’s …

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