Newswire: Jim Carrey defends Kathy Griffin in Trump photo story that will never go away

Kathy Griffin has received no shortage of scorn since the photograph released earlier this week (on Tuesday—what a week) of her holding a decapitated, bloody Donald Trump head. Although Griffin soon released a public and contrite apology, saying, “I beg for your forgiveness,” she also lost her New Year’s Eve hosting gig at CNN, while receiving criticism from everyone from Chelsea Clinton to Trump himself, who called the image “sick.”

In these uncharted political times, Griffin’s controversial photo still has has its defenders—even from an unlikely source like Larry King, who believes that since Griffin apologized, everyone should just move on (as long as he’s been in the media, he should know that that’s not happening anytime soon).

Surprised to see people still piling on @KathyGriffin. She made a mistake. She apologized. Let’s accept her apology and move on.

— Larry King (@kingsthings) June …

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