Newswire: Jim Broadbent straight up gives away his character on Game Of Thrones

[The spoiler averse among you might want to skip this bit of Game Of Thrones news.]

Following in Ian McShane’s footsteps—albeit in a less profane fashion—Jim Broadbent has divulged info on his Game Of Thrones character. The British actor did so after just a little encouragement from his ScreenCrush interviewer, while promoting a different project: the upcoming drama, The Sense Of An Ending. During what sounds like a very amiable chat, Broadbent briefly demurred from sharing details about his Thrones role, but then seemed to remember that it’s all just “tits and dragons“ anyway, and just flat out said “I’m a maester, an archmaester. I’m an old professor character.”

Afterwards Broadbent, perhaps realizing that everyone is going to watch this no matter what he says, shared the number of episodes and big scenes he shot: “I did five episodes. I did sort of one …

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