Newswire: Jill Soloway gave a pretty badass speech at the AFI last night

Women hoping to make it as directors in Hollywood have an unusually tough road ahead of them, a claim supported by some pretty dismal statistics the ACLU cited in its call for a federal investigation into Hollywood hiring practices earlier this week. In the face of such seemingly insurmountable obstacles, it’s tempting to submit to despair, become cynical, and eventually give up.

But giving up sucks.

Alternately, you could fight back using humor, which is what Afternoon Delight and Transparent director Jill Soloway did in a keynote address to the incoming and outgoing students of the AFI Conservatory Directing Workshop for Women in L.A. last night. Besides telling the students to “Tear those motherfuckers down, like vile lady-dogs,” Soloway used ubiquitous ’90s dating manual The Rules to make her point about embracing your individual voice, devoting yourself to your art, and not being afraid of directing “like a …

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