Newswire: Jessica Lange in talks to return to American Horror Story

As the American Horror Story: Hotel cast list swells to monstrous proportions, the AHS franchise as a whole grows as well, with Ryan Murphy recently teasing that the show could possibly pull double duty with both a fall season and a spring season next year. But although seemingly every human being on the terrestrial plane will appear in AHS: Hotel, there’s one name missing from the expansive roster: Jessica Lange. Hotel will be the first chapter of the AHS anthology that Lange won’t be a part of, and Murphy has been busy trying to fill the gaping hole left by her departure ever since the news became official. But Entertainment Weekly reports that the woman who has played a husband-killer, the devil, The Supreme Witch, and a freak show manager all in one series could, eventually, be returning to the fucked-up fold of AHS.

“I’ve been talking …

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