Newswire: Jerry Lewis has no time for bullshit interview questions

Jerry Lewis has long been known as one of the toughest interview subjects in the industry, and that hasn’t changed a bit now that he’s 90. Recently, The Hollywood Reporter dispatched poor Andy Lewis (no relation, presumably) to talk to Lewis at his Las Vegas home as a part of a series about nonagenarians who are still active in show business. The legendary comedian and director was taking a few days off from touring and agreed to a photo shoot and a brief one-on-one. Sounds harmless enough.

But the reporter said he “had a bad feeling about how the conversation with Jerry Lewis was going to go.” Those instincts proved dead-on. The comic was visibly impatient and angry that day, answering most of the facile queries with terse, monosyllabic answers.The Hollywood Reporter has dubbed the resulting interview “7 Painfully Awkward Minutes With Jerry Lewis.” In its own …

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