Newswire: Jeremy Renner is making a History Channel show about the Knights Templar

The History Channel has announced that it’s working with medieval weapons enthusiast Jeremy Renner to produce a new drama series about the fall of the Knights Templar. The series, which will cover the arrest, torture, and burning at the stake of the historical religious order’s members, will be titled Knightfall, because nothing lightens up some old-timey murder like a little light punning. Given that this is The History Channel, though, it can be assumed that the series will hew tightly to historical veracity; especially since Knightfall comes courtesy of Hawkeye, the producers of the Mission: Impossible movies, and Jeff Pinkner of Aliasa show that asked the daring historical question, “What if Leonardo Da Vinci had been a psychic wizard man who also invented computers?”

For the interested, here’s a bit of background on the Knights Templar, shamelessly cribbed from Wikipedia in a method that probably bears …

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