Newswire: Jennifer Garner will also hang out with Kevin Spacey’s talking cat

The world is getting ready for Nine Lives, the movie featuring Kevin Spacey as a businessman stuck in the body of his house cat. Not since the heyday of Mr. Ed has a talking animal offered up the promise of such four-quadrant entertainment. And unlike Mr. Ed, this anthropomorphic mammal has less chance of ending up as the glue holding together the envelopes used to send out residual checks to the voice performers. Not wanting to be left out of the feline fun, Deadline reports that Jennifer Garner has signed on to the family-friendly film in an unspecified role.

Given that the plot entails Spacey’s harried workaholic being magically transferred into the body of his family’s cat—and Christopher Walken playing the “owner of a mystical pet shop” who helps Spacey out—there’s really only one role Garner could possibly be playing. Not the wife of Spacey …

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