Newswire: Jenna Coleman is leaving Doctor Who

The Doctor is going to have to find a replacement for Clara Oswald. According to the BBC, actress Jenna Coleman is departing Doctor Who sometime this season, before the Christmas special. Coleman joined the show in 2012, accompanying the 11th doctor (Matt Smith) as he unraveled Oswald’s deep connection to his various incarnations. She was there when he regenerated from a spritely young chap into Peter Capaldi’s gleefully morose 12th Doctor, who is Scottish and can complain about things.

Coleman has already lined up her next role, playing Queen Victoria in an upcoming ITV series. Neither ITV nor BBC One have made an official announcement regarding Coleman’s departure. Presumably there won’t be room for a crossover, but it’s not like the Gallifreyan hasn’t upset Queen Victoria’s court before.

In an interview with Radio Times, Coleman acknowledged the temporary nature of a companion gig …

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