Newswire: Jenji Kohan’s witch trial show conjures up Eddie Izzard and a new name

Jenji Kohan recently summoned Gus Van Sant to direct the pilot for her HBO dramatic series about the Salem witch trials, and now Deadline announces that New World has transmogrified into The Devil You Know. In addition, a satanic cabal has conjured the physical manifestation of Eddie Izzard. Izzard, who was last seen dining with Hannibal Lecter, will play Thomas Putnam, a leader in the community who finds himself beset with threats and challenges to his status.

But Izzard will not be alone; perhaps by snatching a lock of hair and a drop of spittle, these crones have called upon Nadia Alexander (Boardwalk Empire, The Following) to play Putnam’s daughter. Ann Putnam, Jr., claimed to be possessed and helped convict the 19 people who were hanged.

It is well known that when it comes to the devil’s majicks, things happen in three; and so today’s black sacrament …

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