Newswire: Jeff Garlin is now Netflix’s Handsome director and star

Today is shaping up to be a prett-y, prett-y good day for Jeff Garlin: Not only did HBO officially announce a Curb Your Enthusiasm revival, but he’s also just been named Netflix’s Handsome star and director. According to Deadline, Garlin will play Gene Handsome, a Los Angeles homicide detective, in the “Columbo-style mystery” he wrote with Andrea Seigel (Laggies). Detective Handsome is trying to “make sense of his life as he solves crime” even though he’s only “really good one of those.” We’ll let you guess which one. (It’s crime, guys.)

Garlin will be joined in the cast by some top-notch talent, including Amy Sedaris, Leah Remini, Natasha Lyonne, Christine Woods, and Eddie Pepitone. Steven Weber is also set to co-star in the film, which Garlin and Seigel are producing along with Master Of Nones David Miner and Garlin’s Goldbergsunit production manager …

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