Newswire: Jeff Ament’s Rock Hall Of Fame shirt called out a bunch of artists that the Hall has ignored

Pearl Jam has never been a band that shied away from speaking its mind, waging open war against Ticketmaster in the 1990s, and putting the Jeremys of the world on blast pretty much forever. So it’s no surprise that when the band’s bassist, Jeff Ament, took the stage at last night’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction, he couldn’t help but wear some criticisms of the institution’s practices on his sleeve.

Or rather, on his chest; it turns out that Ament’s shirt was covered in the names of great artists who’ve been ignored by the Hall, from Brian Eno to founding Nirvana drummer Chad Channing. Ament spoke briefly about the need to acknowledge a wider crop of stars in his speech, but his shirt spoke way louder. The band later posted a close-up picture of Ament’s shirt on Instagram, both suggesting …

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