Newswire: Jediism doesn’t count as a religion, English Charity Commission rules

The Charity Commission for England and Wales will not be giving into the light side (or the dark side) of the Force any time soon. The Commission, which according to The New York Times “oversees British organizations’ applications for nonprofit or charity status” has shot down a group known as the Temple Of The Jedi Order that applied for charity status, citing its dedication to furthering “the religion of Jediism, for the public benefit worldwide, in accordance with the Jedi Doctrine.” Even Chirrut Imwe saw this one coming.

Apparently, an age-old morality tale featuring heroes, villains, a little bit of incest, and numerous desert locales incorporating ancient mythology and spirituality and based on a bearded gentleman’s beliefs is a much more believable religion than Star Wars. According to the Charity Commission, Jediism—which draws on the mythology of Star Wars, Hinduism, Christianity, and Gary Kurtz’s Comparative Religion textbooks …

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