Newswire: Jean-Claude Van Damme gets his own Amazon series

Having wrapped up work on yet another Kung Fu Panda movie, and run out of subtitles to slap onto the direct-to-DVD cases for Universal Soldier films, Jean-Claude Van Damme is making the move to TV. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Musculature From Brussculature has signed on for a new pilot with Amazon, in which he’ll play both himself, and his secret-agent alter-ego: The eponymous Jean-Claude Van Johnson.

This is actually the second time Van Damme’s gone to the semi-autobiographical well in recent years; in 2008, he starred in French film JCVD as a washed-up, ethically dubious iteration of himself. That movie—which features a notable scene in which Van Damme is literally lifted out of an armed robbery to give the camera a riveting, five minute monologue on the nature of celebrity and addiction—earned a smattering of praise for the karate star’s performance, but didn …

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