Newswire: Jay Z’s streaming service isn’t for everybody (i.e. the poors)

Earlier this year, Jay Z dropped $56 million to purchase the Swedish technology company Aspiro, owner of two music services for aspirational listeners who appreciate the finer things in life, like lossless file streaming. Whereas shoddy services like Spotify and Rdio are always losing sound from the holes in their hobo file bindles, Aspiro’s high-end providers—WiMP and the newer TIDAL—lovingly fold their audio and ad-free music videos into the velvet purse of 16-bit FLAC files, expertly inserted into the discerning ears and eyes of audiophiles by digital butlers.

But of course, such premium service comes with a premium price. And TIDAL in particular is more expensive than the hoi polloi may be used to. At $19.99 per month, it’s nearly double the subscription prices of Spotify and Rdio—which should be enough to keep the proles out.

“This service is not for everybody,” company CEO …

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