Newswire: Jay Z launched his new streaming service (you weren’t invited)

Sorry you had to find out this way, but Jay Z’s new streaming service—you know, the one you told Jay you were really excited about, because you really appreciate the audiophile experience and can totally afford $19.99 a month, no problem? Turns out Jay really wasn’t listening when he turned around and walked away in the middle of your sentence. (Also, you were talking to the TV.)

Yeah, sorry, but Jay and Bey and the gang went ahead and launched TIDAL without you. They did so at an event in New York City earlier today that Variety describes as “star-studded” and that you were not invited to, so please stop saying your e-vite must have gone to spam. It’s making everyone really sad.

If you were there, you would have seen a coterie of famous musicians like Alicia Keys, Arcade Fire’s Win Butler and …

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