Newswire: Jay Z beefing with performance artist Marina Abramovic

Long before he launched Tidal, the audio installation that asks whether sound can truly be lossless if no one is listening, Jay Z perpetrated another act of performance art by rapping “Picasso Baby” for six hours straight in New York’s Pace Gallery. Much as the song paid tribute to great works of art by bragging that Jay Z is so rich, his kid could just smear Kool-Aid on them if she wanted, the performance was an homage to Marina Abramovic’s oft-copied “The Artist Is Here,” in that Jay basically just bought the thing, then invited his famous friends to lean on it.

Except according to Abramovic, Jay Z never actually paid up on his part of the deal, leaving her “very pissed.” And now the growing beef between Jay Z and this legendary performance artist promises to be the worst of its kind since the wars of East …

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