Newswire: Jay Z and Beyoncé might release a joint album exclusively on Tidal

Seemingly before the bubbles have had a chance to settle following Tidal’s champagne-soaked launch party, the numbers suggest Jay Z’s new streaming service is already a huge flop. While it rose to the Top 20 in iTunes following a star-studded debut that made investors freak out and blindly throw away their money, Tidal is now out of the Top 700. And because it’s not exactly the cheapest streaming service available, it has to rely on celebrity backers and the promise of exclusive content to have any hope of grabbing new users.

So what better to do in a time of crisis than call upon your big guns for a little help? According to DJ Skee, Jay Z and Beyoncé are close to completing their rumored joint album, and it appears they’ll launch it as a Tidal exclusive. It’s not clear to what extent this would …

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