Newswire: Jay Pharoah says he got shoved into the “impression box” on SNL

When Jay Pharoah and Taran Killam suddenly departed from Saturday Night Live last year, everybody involved stayed pretty quiet about the reasons behind the change. (The closest we got to juicy gossip was Killam giving an interview last week, where he talked about what a crappy host Donald Trump unsurprisingly was.) But now, Pharoah—who was with the show for six years—has opened up about the firing, including why it happened, why it almost happened way earlier, and the way the show “gave up” on Barack Obama.

Pharoah gave the interview to New York’s HOT 97, noting right at the top that “You go where you’re appreciated,” and that numerous cast members had told him that it bothered them that he wasn’t being cast in more sketches. Along those same lines, he pointed out that the show essentially gave up on Obama during the last year …

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