Newswire: Jason Statham to star in presumably action-packed new show

According to Variety, Jason Statham has signed on to executive produce and star in Viva La Madness, a TV adaptation of J.J. Connolly’s book of the same name. The series will be produced by Gaumont International Television, which is the studio that used to bring us Hannibal every week until NBC cruelly took it away. The book version of Viva La Madness is a sequel to Layer Cake—which was adapted into a Daniel Craig-starring movie in 2004—and Connolly will be sticking around to write the series as well. The plot revolves around “an anonymous hero” who used to be a criminal in London but is now hiding out in the Caribbean. Eventually, he gets involved with some gangsters and—we assume—starts doing criminal stuff again. Or maybe Statham will subvert the conventions of the action-thriller genre and the show will just be about him chilling …

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