Newswire: Jason Statham admits that money kept him from returning to the Transporter series

Over the last few years, Jason Statham has made it clear that there are very few things that will keep him away from starring in an action movie where he gets to drive cars, shoot guys, punch guys, wear suits, be bald, and talk in an accent. He’s like the Bruce Willis of being bald and willing to appear in any movie that will have him. However, when Luc Besson announced that he was planning to reboot the Transporter films (Statham’s most famous series, if you don’t count the one he just jumped on to), the man himself was nowhere in sight. Instead, Statham had been replaced by Game Of ThronesEd Skrein.

It seemed like a grand mystery at the time (not really, but c’mon), and countless Statham fans found themselves wondering what had happened. Had some young woman been kidnapped and Statham was too …

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