Newswire: Jason Momoa drops out of The Magnificent Seven, probably for Aquaman-related reasons

With Antoine Fuqua’s Magnificent Seven remake hiring actors left and right, it was bound to let one slip out of its grip sooner or later. According to Deadline, Jason Momoa has turned out to be just such a slippery actor, as he has now dropped out of the movie. Fittingly, though, his departure is most likely because of a scheduling conflict with his work as Aquaman in WB’s upcoming Justice League movies. See, because fish are slippery, and Aquaman is a fish-based hero, so it makes sense that he’d slip out. Right?

Anyway, Momoa was set to play a henchman for Peter Sarsgaard’s villain, meaning that he has now been left undefended. Go, Magnificent Seven! Now’s your chance! Save the town before Fuqua hires another scary-looking tough guy to take Momoa’s place!

As a side note, this is the second time someone has had …

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