Newswire: Jared Leto wants America to send him its home movies

When he’s not getting tricked into dipping his brain into a method acting cesspool, Jared Leto famously moonlights as the lead singer and frontman for California-based alt-rock band Thirty Seconds To Mars. To celebrate the upcoming July 4 holiday, Leto is combining his musical duties with his cinematic artistic ambitions, inviting the American people to send him videos describing their visions of the country, for a project the band is calling “A Day In The Life Of America.”

In case all those shots of riots, people in prison, and wild dogs devouring a cow carcass didn’t clue you in, Leto is looking for a “warts-and-all” approach to people’s take on the American dream. The project’s web site promises that “the most brave, bold, and creative” footage will be the stuff that makes it into the finished product, while Leto also released a statement with some possible …

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