Newswire: Jared Kushner hires Blumhouse PR exec, making the White House extra spooky

Jared Kushner, the guy whose Wikipedia page redirects to the entry for “nepotism,” is currently putting together a White House-backed task force called the Office Of American Innovation for his father-in-law Donald Trump. The goal of the organization is to come up with ways to use business acumen to make the government run more efficiently, even though that was supposed to be Trump’s own area of expertise, and so Kushner is naturally looking for help from people who aren’t part of the political machine that—for all its faults—has managed to keep this country more or less afloat for a while now.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kushner has just hired Josh Raffel, a public relations executive for horror movie studio Blumhouse Productions. Raffel is leaving that job for Kushner’s Office Of Asking Your Wife’s Dad For A Cushy Government Job, and though he wouldn …

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