Newswire: Janice Dickinson files defamation suit against Bill Cosby

The last year has seen more discussion of Bill Cosby’s extra-legal activities than his career moves, and rightfully so—more than 40 women have disclosed that the embattled comedian sexually assaulted them. The statute of limitations has run out in just about every instance, leaving the women with no recourse in criminal or civil court. But when former supermodel Janice Dickinson spoke out last year about her own abuse at the hands of Cosby, she may have restarted the clock. Dickinson filed a defamation suit against Cosby on Wednesday, alleging that Cosby effectively re-victimized her through his attorney’s actions.

Dickinson came forward last November with her account of what really happened in Lake Tahoe in 1982: She said that when she visited Cosby (at his invitation) to discuss her singing career, he allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted her. Cosby’s lawyer Marty Singer responded by calling Dickinson’s …

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