Newswire: Jane Lynch to play a sarcastic guardian angel in CBS’s Angel From Hell

Now that she’s done dunking soggy Cheerios at William McKinley High, Jane Lynch is taking her cutthroat counseling in a new direction as a sarcastic guardian angel in a new CBS comedy pilot called Angel From Hell. In the half-hour show—written and executive produced by Scrubs and Spin City’s Tad Quill—the Emmy-winning Lynch plays Amy, guardian angel to Allison, who can’t tell if this lanky blonde beast is an actual angel or a deranged life coach who eats intensity for lunch.

Given her previous comedic counseling roles—including the meanest, nastiest cheer coach (turned principal) since these gals—Lynch should have lots of fun playing both good cop and bad cop in Angel from Hell. “Of course you shouldn’t sleep with your sister’s boss,” she’ll bark at Allison, while simultaneously stealing her phone to sext. “You planned two dates on the same …

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