Newswire: Jane Lynch joins NBC pilot in role originally written for a man

According to Deadline, Jane Lynch has joined the cast of the NBC comedy pilot Relatively Happy, playing a character who was originally written as a boorish, womanizing man. Now, thanks to Lynch getting cast, the character will be “a fast-living, Scotch-drinking, three-piece-suit-wearing, womanizing divorce attorney” who just happens to be a woman. In a statement, the creators said that they realized “the best person for the job was Jane Lynch,” so they tweaked the character’s first name and kept pretty much everything else the same.

The pilot stars Jon Rudnitsky as a man who ends up living with his sister (played by Genevieve Angelson) after one of them “suffers a big loss.” The two of them become closer because of this, and they start helping each other “navigate love, loss, and work” together. Lynch’s character will be the “boss, mentor, and ‘father’ figure” of Rudnitsky’s, and if …

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