Newswire: Jan Van Dyne takes charge in this Unstoppable Wasp #8 exclusive

With the recent news that Michelle Pfeiffer will be playing Janet Van Dyne in the upcoming Ant-Man And The Wasp, now is a good time for Jan to take a more active role in Marvel comics. After six issues spotlighting the latest Marvel character to take on The Wasp mantle, Nadia Pym, The Unstoppable Wasp has switched the focus over to Jan, who swoops in to the rescue when her step-daughter needs help. Bringing Marvel’s two Wasps together is a smart decision by writer Jeremy Whitley, paying homage to the legacy of the name while adding a new layer to the story as Jan becomes an active player in Nadia’s G.I.R.L. science initiative. (Whitley’s profile is also on the rise, with Sony announcing last weekend that it’s working on a film adaptation of his creator-owned comic series, Princeless.)

While The Unstoppable Wasp had …

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