Newswire: Jamie Lee Curtis went undercover at a competitive fighting game tournament

The Evolution Championship Series, one of the biggest tournaments in the world of competitive fighting games, is being held in Las Vegas this weekend. The tournament (usually shortened to EVO), is an annual three-day-destination spot for fighting game fans, competitive players, and also apparently actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who tweeted today that she’d spent the afternoon walking the floor of the tournament with her family, cosplaying as a mask-clad Street Fighter character to protect her identity.

Grad trip to @evo2k. 2 stay incognito was Vega who wears a mask. @StreetFighter family. DJ, Dr. Bosconovich, Makoto.

— Jamie Lee Curtis (@jamieleecurtis) July 18, 2015

That’s Curtis as claw-wielding Spanish cage fighter Vega, a boss character who originally appeared in Street Fighter II, and her husband, writer and director Christopher Guest, as Tekken character Dr. Bosconovitch. (Luckily, 2012’s Street Fighter X Tekken established that characters from …

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